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September 4, 2020
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How To Generate Creative Ideas


In the article, we are going to take a look at the situation when there are no ideas, even if they are not creative, they are basic, rootless and just like the others. Like nothing special. I am going to guide you how to overcome this criteria and get fresh and creative ideas for whatever you are doing. In order to understand more clearly and detail wise below are some steps you can follow while you consider yourself in this criteria, of not getting ideas.


Study the field


When you find or consider yourself in a state while you have no creative ideas or no ideas at all. The very first step that would help you is to study the field. Just sit, grab your laptop and the internet provides you uncountable resources for learning. Just study whatever your field is. 

In the other case, you can also go and hang with the seniors, the people who are already successful and are present at that place where you wanted to be. A programmer can sit and search on the internet, select the right articles and learn from them and can apply it while working. 

However in a boxer’s case he should hang out with other boxers, watch matches and should analyze them. He should find the fault in his techniques and correct it, or should completely change the techniques.

You can study books at the center of logic, or you can study humans at the center of experience. Every skill is perfect when you combine it with logic and experience. If you know the logic of running a cycle, can you ride a bicycle on the first try, can you drive it properly ? No right, so until you practice the logic you cannot run a bicycle. 


“Logic combined with experience creates great skills, and results. So study the logic in the books and apply them in real life.”


“Studying does not mean you studied something and you’ve mastered it.You start by studying, you master by experience”


Be weird


“Weird is the new simp/le”

You will never know your true depth and how creative you can be, if you will not explore yourself. Explore yourself and do the weird efforts you didn’t before. Weirdness brings a flavour to ideas, while keeping the purpose of ideas genuine. 

It’s completely okay to try weird stuff and discover yourself, so you can be fully functional with your ideas. Take time to explore and use the things which you never did so you can create something more creative, more appealing. 


Write Down


It is the utter nature of talented humans, and the hardworking humans. Which is that an idea pops up. For some persons the idea is in very poor and rough form, while for some persons it is already complete. 

While it is our duty to write it down, change it, experience it and take it to it’s best form. Always write down your ideas, whenever some pops up, you can write down physically or virtually.

I personally prefer doing both and experiencing the physical writing, as it gives a more realistic touch and helps a lot in maintaining the best form of the idea.


Basics makes advance


Advance is just the combination and playing with basics. If you know the basics, mess around with them alot until it takes you to an advanced level. 

If an example of a gymnast has to be applied then basic tricks one by one does not attract and looks simple. 

But when combined in a chain these basic tricks look more advanced and attract the eye of people more. It gives you the professional feeling which is very important for going further.


Apply real life into field


It is completely ok to apply the real world examples into the ideas and manipulate it, so you can get a very nice creative idea. Creativity is not a talent, it’s just some focus, just some fun, and playing. Feel free to do what makes your idea pleasing, and give more room to creativeness.


Add your style into it


To make your ideas more interesting, and creative, provide your style to it. If there is none, make your style and add it. It gives more personal touch, and makes the design or idea more unique. Your style is the key to uniqueness.


Work with your heart combined with brain


If you would ask me two best combinations for working and generating ideas more creatively. I would suggest you work while combining your logic with experience. And work with your heart combined with your brain. If you have these two combinations, sense of weirdness, some knowledge then you are good to go.


Aim high


Always hope for the best, you end up getting where you wanted to be. So, use all of your power while aiming for the top, or maybe you can be the base of anything. I don’t know, depends upon you. Aim high, go high.


Focus solely


If you want to end up high where you aimed, you have to provide sole focus. Did you ever seen someone playing a game, wanting to win so badly that he/she forgets everything around him? That’s because he/she was solely focusing where they aimed and most of the time they end up being there.


Take inspirations


There are billions of people and thousands of them are at that point where you wanted to be. There are tons of quality designs waiting for you. There are tons of tutorials, resources looking up to you. There are hundreds of ways, which want your feet to be on them. Just take inspiration from them, do the creative copy. And make your ideas more creative and to the next level.