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September 19, 2020

Why you should learn

Why you should learn


Homo Sapiens known as humans, are the top class species among other species. The one who is reading this is a human, one writing is human.

What sets us apart from the others ?

Ever wondered ?


The answer is pretty simple and short than you expected ‘Curiosity.

You might be thinking that this is totally useless or worng. But think for a second. We are above all the species because of our curiosity. We are always curious about something.

The humans living in the caves were curious about to make clothes.

They made dresses out of leaves !

Then they were curious about tracking time. They solved this by the help of sun, sky, then rocks, and then slowly slowly the clocks. Mathematics played a great role in every great invention.

The making of clock was possible due to mathematics !

The people learned the different arts from different places, persons and events.

Why ? 

Because they were curious !

It is human’s nature that one tends to do more and more. The evolutionary process also took place under the light of this. The more you change the environment around you, the more your body change according to that. It is a proved psychological and scientific fact which can be easily understood by studying the evolution process of humans & whales.

Learning comes from curiosity. So if you have curiosity then there are enough reasons for you to learn. But this just does not makes a person to learn something.

So the more detailed, logical, and subtle reasons will be layed out in this article, which must be enough for you to know that ‘Why you should Learn’


First, let’s talk about what is a Skill !

A skill is basically the mastery of what you learn. Let’s suppose that a man learns gardening, he spends some time like 6 months to 1 year and now is used to it.

He can process the things fast than those who are just starting. So, this time spent in doing what he learnt can be called a Skill. That is why he is called gardener, and the one who is starting is not.


It is a psychological behaviour of a human that anything which is messy is difficult to understand. While a simple and disciplined layout containing topic is easy to understand.

Because when we see that what is going to be further discussed. Our brain makes things more clear. Then we are able to learn more clearly.

However, it is the opposite when something which is to be learned is messy.

That is why, the structure of this topic will be layed out. In order to create ease for you in learning, and in order to learn more clearly through this

  • Natural
  • Curiosity
  • Interest
  • For Betterment
  • To Develop
  • To Pass it upon
  • Passion
  • Easeness
  • Needs

These are the pin points which are layed out for your ease. Now let’s start moving from one to another, one by one.


Learning process is natural. When a human is a baby, he learns how to eat, walk, smile, speak and the process continues till death. Even after the death ! So, you are learning all the time wether you are aware of it or not. It is natural for a human to learn and keep learning.

There is already a built-in reason in you that why you should learn. So, you don’t need to look outside for the reasons. Look in your innerself that what you lack and how you can fulfill it.

Learning is natural !


Do you know the term which led humans from living into caves to living in the advanced cities, which led humans from walking to traveling into cars and even into air ?

No ? Let me tell you it is ‘Curiosity’ !

The more curious a human is, the more he would learn and develop.

If you have curiosity, then you need no more reasons to discover for you to learning !

The story of wright brothers is really good to read in this case. There were two brothers. They had an airoplane toy in their childhood. They were curious about implementing the idea of a toy into real life flights. They finally succeeded in 1878, when their first flight was put to an end safely. electrax vst free download crack

There was another element which was equally responsible for the invention as Curiosity was.

You know what was it ?


Yes, interest. The wright brothers were so interested in flying like birds. That their craze forced them to make an airoplane. Another reason for learning new skills and stuff is Interest’.

Your interest about something is enough for you to learn.

For example a person maybe interested in good & fine clothes. Then it is enough for them to learn sewing. A person might be interested in cooking. Then it is enough for them to learn cooking.

For Betterment

You should learn for ‘betterment’. For your betterment, or any other person’s or even the world’s betterment. Learning enforces you to develop helpful solutions to the world’s problems.

A person must learn for his betterment

To Develop

Our brain is processed that way. We only renew and think those things which are done before and are in mind. This is why we cannot individually create a totally new thing. We only process the existing things into different forms.

That is the reason that when we learn something, we develop something related to it. So, this can be put out in words in this way that

One must learn to develop something for betterment of anything.

When you learn something you develop something. And this is totally natural.

A person who is learning new handwriting, might develop a good font. Similarly, who is learning programming, can develop a new software. You must learn new things in order to develop new things.

To Pass it upon

Humans learn new skills, to pass it upon the next generation.

This is the reason that why we should learn. Our elders learned the technique of carving. This helped us open the door to many new inventions.

And now we learned the technique of digital systems. Which will further help the next generation to create more inventions. And the cycle goes on.

If you are wondering that why you should learn then this is a good reason for you to start. If you don’t want to learn for yourself, then learn for someone.

Pass it upon to the others now, or later !


Every human has it’s own interests and thoughts. These interests & thoughts builds their passion. To define passion, it would be that

Something one loves doing without getting tired

A boxer’s passion would be boxing (well it is not necessary but suppose). Then he can do boxing all day without getting tired. Similar scenaio for an athlete or player, programmers, lawyers, doctors etc.

It is not necessary that a passion must be profession, No . These two terms are totally different. Profession let’s you earn while passion don’t.

However, many great persons turns their passions into professions by doing hard work and by learning. Think for a second, that there is a thing which one loves doing but they don’t know how they can do it.

Isn’t this enough for learning a new skill ?


Learning must be a priority because for the ease of lives. Learning and developing makes our life much easier. Many great inventions like

  • Cars
  • Helicopters
  • Wheel
  • Robots
  • Computers
  • Clothes

made our lives easier. Because people were willing to provide a solution to the existing problems in the world and that was done by learning.


Learning and mastering new skills is also vital to fullfill the needs of a human. Needs like resources, money etc. A profession is made due to learning and mastering skills.

If a doctor do not learns medics, then how he can become a doctor. If a boxer does not learns right techniques, jabs and punches. How come, that he is a boxer.


A human must learn because it is in it’s nature. It is from our start to beyond our end that we learn. We learn when we are newborn. We learn to talk, speak, eat, walk, run, play, read, write and many more. As we go to our childhood, we learn about emotions. As we proceed through our age, we learn more and more. As this is a natural process, so there is no reason needed for why you should learn. But, however we should learn for betterment of ours, others, world’s. We should learn for ease of ourselves, and to make our life easier. We should learn because of our interests. We should learn because of our curiosity about something. We should learn to pass the knowledge to our further duplicates, and also for our needs. We should learn to develop solutions to the problems of the world.