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July 20, 2020
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September 19, 2020

All About Pressure

In this post, you will be able to learn:
  • Why we can’t work
  • All about pressure
  • Positive Pressure
  • Negative Pressure
  • When it is important and when it is not

Why we cannot work ?

Let’s start this with a story, for you to understand it more broadly I will use the story of a guy who was a gymnaster. In my class, there was a guy who used to do gymnastics, all the types of tricks which looked really graceful.
He spent hours and hours in learning all of that, he even skipped his rest sometimes and practiced the tricks.
Whenever someone asked him that why he do all of this stuff, while it do not returns something to him like money etc. He asked them a question, do you know what is hidden inside you, do you know what you are capable of, did you use your brain at the right point.

He said “Money is like a delicious dish, you can survive with the normal food, a delicious food is not necessary for living. We all are robots, working for money, putting money for work. Our cycle never let us explore the depth of us. A person sitting in a luxurious room with all the comforts near him can never be equal to the person roaming freely in streets, knowing his destiny, enjoying his journey ”

But after several years when I met him, he was a coach of gymnastics. Transferring his hardwork, experience to other students. When I requested him to show me some of his tricks so that we can bring the old memories.
He did some tricks but he failed, He was so frustrated to get all of them right, that he lost the enjoyment he used to have before.
He just wanted all of it perfect. He wanted to Win, He lost the happiness in losing which he had before.

In life, there are sometimes when you want to work, you want to do the things you used to do but you cannot.
There can be several reasons behind it, but I personally believe that it is because you are taking too much pressure about it.
You just want it to be perfect, and in the race of perfectness you lose the focus you had before, you lose the enjoyment of process which you had back in the days.

All About Pressure

This is what we call pressure, the race of perfectness is pressure, the desire of winning to an extent that you cannot enjoy the process is pressure. The pressure itself isn’t bad thing, In fact in this world nothing is bad but the way you use it, the way you understand it, the way you execute it decides that it is bad or not. Take some time and understand the above.
So, it depends upon you that pressure is bad or not. The bad pressure is called Negative Pressure, and the good pressure is called Postive Pressure. Both types helps you but in different directions. Negative pressure helps you fall, and the Positive Pressure helps you rise. Some symbols which helps you recognize the type of pressure are below.

Negative Pressure:

  1. When you eagerly want to win
  2. When you are aggressive
  3. When you are frustrated
  4. When you cannot get the results

Positive Pressure:

  1. Healthy Competition
  2. Enjoy and Evolve
  3. Victory or defeat doesn’t matter
  4. Beautiful Journey Beautiful Destiny

When it is important and when it is not ?

Remember the positive pressure is important always. There is no importance of negative pressure, exclude it from your life.
So, the positive pressure is important and it is important when you have a competition, or when you have a deadline.
But the rule of positive pressure is that you have to evolve in it. If you do not evolve then it is completely useless.

How it can effect your life ?

When you are frustrated about one thing, and pressurized about a thing you cannot do the other things too.
For example if you are frustrated about your study, then you cannot even do the study as well as any other thing you do.