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How to do your duty ?


In today’s article, we will be discussing how to do your duty. There are some points which are made for your convenience. 



  • Importance
  • Distractions
  • Laziness
  • Now
  • Stay Positive



So first let’s look upon the first point and understand in detail what it means.




For every answer you first need a question. You cannot give any answer without a question. And for solving a thing you need to understand it, same goes here with our case.

You will first have to understand what your duty is and then you will have to understand the importance of it. 

First of all know your duty, duty means a task which is due which has to be done, either you have your interest in it or not. But it’s better to have your interest in it because it helps you to do your task fast.

So duty is a task which is due meaning you will have to do it no matter what. There are many duties upon humans by Allah Tabarak-O-Talah, and there are many duties which are upon you for the sake of your living. Like:


Islamic Duties upon you:



  • Namaz
  • Roza
  • Zakat
  • Hajj



Duniyavi Duties upon you:



  • Work
  • Studies
  • Skills



Now the above duties are for only yourself, if you do them you will earn the reward. In islamic perspective, for Namaz, Roza, Zakat, Hajj you will get sawab which will lead you to Jannah. 

In Duniyavi perspective Work, Studies, Skills will lead you to success and money which will lead you to food, health, and mental relief which are important for your life. 

So basically your duties are the tasks which are due and they are none other than your sake. So stop thinking that you are doing it for someone else. You are just doing for the goodness of yourself.




Now, if you have an understanding of the duty, and understanding of the importance of your duty. Let’s talk about fears you face while doing your duty.

So, there are many distractions when you perform your duty. You have to overcome the fears and you also have to avoid the distractions which are on your way. 

Before talking about how actually you can do it, let’s talk about what type of fears or distractions you face while doing your duty. Again, we take the Islamic and Dunyavi references as we know them very well:


Islamic Point of View:



  • Shaitan is the biggest distraction you face while doing anything. Because he is your biggest rival.
  • Your own thoughts.



However there are no fears in Islamic duties, I mean there are fears but they can’t be overcome. You can never ever overcome the fear of Allah. 


Duniyavi Point of view:



  • You get the fear that what if this task will get wrong. 
  • You have fears of giving up
  • You have distraction of more things which are more entertaining
  • You have distraction of things like youtube, facebook etc



I know they are important but you can give them some time apart. Work for a short time, but whenever you work, work purely


Like I said above you can overcome the distractions by forgetting them or giving them some extra time in your life. 

But it’s not the same case with fears, the best way to overcome fears is to try them. So try your fears, you will fail the first time, second time but third time you will rise and you will rise heavily.




Laziness – one of the biggest things you face in the duration of doing your duty. I personally do, but I will overcome it. And now I will also tell you how you can. 

So, first of all, laziness is a common thing which occurs in every one of us. But you must not let it control you and you also must not make it your habit. 

Overcoming the laziness is all about taking a step with courage.Once you take a step further than everything will look easy to you. 

But when you will be lazy even the easiest thing will look like a rigid thing to you. So pay attention and have courage, and take some steps further. 

Not once but you can do it slowly, slowly within some time. But overcoming it is very very important.




Do not ever depend on tomorrow. If you have any duty any task do it today, and do it now. When you depend on tomorrow, the next day you say “ Oh, I will do it tomorrow it’s easy”. 

But even if it’s easy you have to do it now, otherwise this becomes a habit. And this is not a good habit. It leads you to laziness, which is another bad habit. 

And bad habits attract bad people which also makes you bad. So directly or indirectly, depending on tomorrow is bad. And who knows whether there will be tomorrow or not.


Stay positive:


And yeah after all of the things I explained above there is one thing you have to never miss. Yes, staying positive. You must stay positive in every situation, which leads to humbleness. 

How you can stay positive, you can do the following things to stay positive:



  • Stay Calm
  • Get inspiration
  • Be clean
  • Be energetic
  • Read
  • Talk less
  • Observe



I will briefly explain the above things and how they are helpful to stay positive:



  • Stay Calm – When you are messed up in finding something, you mess up so much that the thing is in front of you or the solution is in front of you but you don’t see it. When you will stay calm you won’t do this.




  • Get Inspiration – Being inspired is the key to stay positive. When you are not inspired you won’t be positive. When you will not see anyone doing the same thing you want to do, you won’t think it’s possible. For experiment observe your thoughts before inspiring yourself and after inspiring yourself. You will see the change.




  • Be clean – Being clean and having a clean background also gives you the positiveness, when you are in a messy place, you cannot think clean and when you are clean in a clean place you’re thoughts will automatically become clean.




  • Be energetic – Have you ever noticed that when you have a fever you do things slowly and sometimes you cannot even do things. Same goes here, the more energy you have the more you can focus, and do your duty well. And energy comes from the motivation you get.




  • Read – Read as much as you can, it helps you in growing your focus and it also helps you to unlock your abilities. The more you read the more you wise. And try to read books, the actual books not some silly school syllabus.




  • Talk less – Minimize the amount of your talk. Because the less you talk the more you hear. And the more you listen the more you know. And also when you don’t talk you don’t leak your thoughts through your expressions.




  • Observe – Observe the things around you even the minimal things around you. Trust me in some moment even the smallest thing you observed will help you to solve a bigger problem one day.



So that was it, I hope you understood well. Regards