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June 28, 2020
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You may have seen the pictures of others and thought that can you do the same ?

But the good news is you can do it better, because you are unique, all you need some technique and creativity. About technique, you can find it below as we are gonna discuss some essential parts and use of them, and creativity depends upon you, that how you use what you just learned.

But one thing is guaranteed, you will be better from the past you.

Why editing is required ?

The Goal

Before starting, you must know that why are you starting, and why does it matter or why you should do it ? This does not applies only in editing but to every field, every task, every skill in which you are about to dive. You have to be clear with your goal and the reason of why are you choosing the particular field, skill or accomplishment of a particular task.


So, why editing is required, Now if I will ask you that a chair is meant to be sat on, you just make the two legs and a sitting spot on it, It will be a chair ? . But for more relaxement, for more ease there is the back supporting part in it, arms resting part in it.

The same is here with editing, when you click a picture, that is just a chair with two legs and a sitting spot, But when you edit it you add the resting part, back supporting part. Meaning that the editing is used to create a whole tone or whole concept of a picture, it is also used to give us more details, more information, and more eye pleasing.  security monitor pro 5.46 crack

Find The Difference

Take a minute and have a look on the below pictures, they are the same pictures, but the lower one creates the cold and cloudy, fantasy type tone because of the way it was edited and upper one creates a warm tone, because of the way it was edited. indiafont v3 crack


So, this is one of the examples of changes which editing can make.

How you can do it ?

By trying, Yes By trying, Remember the time when you learnt to ride a bicycle ? or bike or car ? . How did you learned it ? By simply driving and playing around taking steps, doing something new.

The same rule is here all you have to do is play around with your creativity using the technique. But, but, but there are some resources and things which you must know in order to play around. It is like knowing the parts of a cycle, or bike or car, before you start to drive.

So, here are some things you must know before you start.

Use the right software

Most of the people will tell you that, the software doesn’t matter. But it does, you have to use the right software and you have to know that which one to use. But no worries, I will explain it to you.

First let’s see the Adobe ones, Adobe is a famous company famous for it’s softwares used worldwide to edit photos, videos, make videos, design, program, convert files etc.

There are 50+ softwares of Adobe, But there are only few to which we will concern, let’s have a look at them.

Adobe Photoshop:

Used by many organizations, companies, individuals, freelancers, Adobe Photoshop is the best when it comes to editing or making the designs. But mostly it is used to design, like it is used for the concept images or making one image from different images.

Adobe Illustrator:

It is used for, creating vectors, drawing, illustrating, creating logos, and all of the other text designing.

Adobe Lightroom:

This will be the one upon which we will be focusing, this is used for editing of the pictures.

But these all come in paid versions, so you have to pay for it. But before leaving, you must know that better investment equals better results. So, in order to gain something you have to invest a little. But if you are broke, or a teenager, or a starter, there is an alternative free version of lightroom:

v2. polarr

You can use the above free alternative of lightroom but please do not use cracks as it is not only illegal, but disrespectful to the company and it won’t give you good results too.

EOE (Elements of Editing)

There are different elements of editing which will be pretty handy, so know about them before you start getting around.


According To Wikipedia:

“In photography, exposure is the amount of light per unit area reaching a frame of photographic film or the surface of an electronic image sensor, as determined by shutter speed, lens aperture, and scene luminance.”

In common words, exposure is the amount of light in a picture, exposure increases to the right and decreases to the left. Below are some of the examples and uses of the exposure.

CMOS Image Sensor with Adaptive Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range ...

You can use this according to your creativity, and your photo. This is the best element used in editing.


It means the amount of color in your picture, if you move it to the right, then it will provide full colors to the picture but if you move it left it slowls the colors, and at the end makes the picture black and white.

Vibrance vs Saturation in Photography (Which One to Use!)


Vibrance is the enhanced version of saturation, it will select only soem of the colors and will increase it, while saturation will increase the all of the colors in a picture.

Vibrance vs Saturation in Photography (Which One to Use!)


Contrast is the difference in luminance or colour that makes an object distinguishable. Contrast is a tool that photographers use to direct viewers’ attention to their subject. We set contrast to the main object of the photo. It is used for grabbing the attention of the viewer.

7 Tips For Stunning High-Contrast Portrait Photography On iPhone


As the name says, it means the shadows of a picture, there are two types of shadows in editing, white and black.


  • Break the Boundaries.

  • Try Something New.

  • Let Your Creativity Flow.

  • Do the Creative Copy

  • Play Around

  • Set your mindset

  • Visualize the result in your mind first

  • Edit twice if you have to

My Own Edits:

Here are some of the pictures I edited, Comment if you want an exact tutorial of one of these.