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November 28, 2019
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January 22, 2020

Modern Fields

A field is a specific area of a specific profession. You can make money from it. So, there are many fields today which are best for you other than Doctors, Engineers etc.
If you have already found your passion India Font V3 Serial Key and chose what you want then please don’t read further.
But if you are confused in finding your passion and are not familiar with much fields, then by reading this post till end you will be able to find what you want to do in life.

1. Graphic Designer

“Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration.”

Graphic designing is very popular nowadays. In simple words it is a mixture of photos, texts, and illustrations. Some most popular softwares for graphic designing are:


Some examples of graphic designing are given below:

Image result for graphic design examples.

Here in the above image there are 3 images which are edited and then there is text.

Image result for graphic design examples.

Another example of graphic designing. Here image of the human is used as an I in the void.

Graphic designing is only Smart Defrag 6.1.5 Key possible when you have creativity, and the software doesn’t mean.

I will be making tutorials on graphic designing so stay tuned.

2. Video Editing

Another great oppurtunity, here video editing.Today’s world runs on videos, you can see on youtube on TV, and on netflix.
All of these videos, no almost all of them are edited. Some are simply edited and some are complex edited.
There is a great industry of it. From transitions Tmpgenc Video Mastering Works 6 Full to making vfx, and cgi it’s all video editing. You must try it. The softwares used for this purpose are:

Some resources from where you can learn something about video editing:

Here are some for flimora,

I will be also making tutorials on video editing.

3. E-Sports

E-sport, now what does it mean, it means the videogames. Yes, you can earn from the video-games.
There are world-wide tournaments for the e-sports. You can ace it by practicing. Some popular games which are easy to start:

If you enter in this industry you will find many more games. I will be making video tutorials on Tekken 6 in my youtube channel. So stay tuned.

4. Programming

Yes, programming. There are many ranks in this industry. You can make softwares for peoples and sell them.
You can make softwares and launch it India Font V2 Activation Key worldwide on the internet. Moreover, you can be a white hat hacker for a company.
You can easily get job in this industry. But you have to work hard. Some languages which you can learn for a good start:

I already made tutorials on C++, now I will make tutorials on other languages too.

5. Music Producer

A music producer is basically a person which make beats. Beats for songs, beats for dance etc. This is also a good industry.
You can easily get a 800-1000$ for a good beat. From here you can make beats:

FL Studio 20

I will be making tutorial on this too.

6. Gymnaster

Gymnastic is also a sport, appreciated world-wide. Every year hooked battle is arranged.
The most popular tricks are backflip, back handsprings, front flip and there combos. It is a much big industry and yeah you get paid. I will be making tutorials on these moves, after I learn them.

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