Why do people assign limits ?
April 13, 2020
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July 20, 2020

Sometimes we want to do something, but we cannot even if we try. We fail for once, twice or thrice and leave that thing aside. In majority of cases people give up. Today, I am going to explain the reasons why people give up, and how to completely accomplish the goals you planned or the skill you wanted to learn but couldn’t.



The main purpose of this rule, and the main reason of writing this is that so people don’t end in wrong places where they shouldn’t be. When people give up just because they fail once, twice, and thrice they just leave it and end up in the wrong place, for which they were never made. Which is totally wrong, for example the world would loose a good boxer if you end up running a shop.


The results are guaranteed. Because it is author’s personal experience  and many other peoples tested this. But that’s not the point, if you really want to learn a skill or if you are willing to do something and cannot do then try it. Trying is more better than leaving something. So go ahead and try it because it cost you nothing, totally free.

Why do people give up ?

Before talking about the 3 months rule, I would like to elaborate you that why do people give up on the first hand. It is very important because if you are thinking to give up, or already did. You must know the reasons, and with reasons I will explain what to do in order to overcome these reasons. So, there could be personal issues too, but in the main causes and reasons due to which people give up and think that they cannot do something which they really can and they would have.

  • NO RAT
  • LOSF


The first one is, “NO RAT”, it is an abbreviation for four words “No Results At End”. This is when a person do the task or skill for some time, but when he/she doesn’t see a good scope at the end then he/she leaves the scenario.


This can be easily treated by researching and knowing the scope of what you are doing. That scope can be financially, mentally, physically, self-satisfaction, many reasons etc.


LOSF means that “Lack of Strong Focus”, now before getting further we need to now the difference between “Focus” and “Strong Focus”, it is pretty self explanatory but I will decode it, so basically strong focus means that, you need to only think about one particular thing at a time. It is like meditation. You can also say it “Monk Mode Focus”.


There are many suitable solutions according to a situation. For example, you can go and have a walk, take a shower, clean your workspace, clear your thoughts, get some energy, read a book, etc.


No interest is another common problem many people face.


You need to now the importance behind what you are doing that will ultimately build your interest in it.

The 3 Months Rule

Finally we are coming to this, The 3 month rule, I discovered it and made this while I was stuck doing what I couldn’t. The rule is simple, “You have to do what you want for 3 months”. Simple right ? But it is not that simple, you have to keep doing for 3 months no matter how many times you fail. I mean give it a short amount of time but effective amount of time. Put your heart out there, when you will have know that there is RAT at the end. You have to work for the RAT, which will keep you hyped and motivated. I will share my story of 3 months rule.

“I went to college on my first year, I met some friends, one of them was a Gymnast, and those flips looked really cool, and I thought of trying it, on my first day I did extremely bad and at many points I thought that, Now I will quit, but the beauty of gymnastics attached me to itself again and again, and in only 1.5 months my body changed according to the gymnastics. And in 3 months I saw extremely great results.”


I will tell the whole story in some points and put this all into a conclusion:

  1. Stick to a goal
  2. Do not give up
  3. Do it from the heart
  4. Build the interest
  5. Know the importance
  6. Know the RAT
  7. Chase the RAT
  8. Increase your focus
  9. Give less but effective time for 3 months
  10. Be fresh, creative and motivated.