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March 20, 2020
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June 28, 2020

                         Why do people assign limits


In today’s article, we will be discussing why people assign limits to everybody. As usual, it is broken down into points which are given below:

  • Assigning Limits ?

  • The Butterfly Effect

  • The three B’s

  • Overcoming it

Assigning Limits ?


So, first of all, what assigning limits means. (Ask audience). Assigning limits means that bounding a person into limits, bounding his/her capabilities. For example if a person wants to do something, and he can really do it. But the pressure from the society like “nah he can’t do it”, this is called assigning limits. It is a very complex topic which gives birth to some other more complex and dangerous topics such as, it gives birth to depression, it gives birth to giving up, it can ruin your ideas, it can destroy what you are capable of. Below is how it can lead to such things. daemon tools download crackeado 2019

  • Depression – When people say that, this person cannot do anything. When anybody gets tensions instead of support then depression takes place, and most of times depression affects your health. However, in some cases depression can lead to death.


  • Giving Up – As, assigning limits can lead to depression. So, depression can also lead to giving up, which will leave you with eternal regrets.


  • Ruining Ideas – It can destroy your mindset. And your mindset is the reason for your ideas. Good mindset means very good ideas, however bad mindsets mean bad ideas. electra2 vst crack


  • Destroying Capability – Destroying your capability is also a threat made by assigning limits. It can convert the better YOU into the worst YOU.


Now, you have a little sketch in your mind of what Assigning Limit really is, so we must proceed to the next point which is.

The Butterfly Effect: 


The Butterfly Effect is a scientific theory, which states that:

The butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state”

In other words, the butterfly effect states that the small changes can lead to the biggest changes which can happen in the future. There is a concept for this theory which states that if some butterflies in one part of the country flap their wings, then it is the 55% cause of tornadoes in some other part of the country. Of course, it is not only the flapping of butterfly wings but also other conditions.

In our condition, Assigning Limits is the smaller work while depression, giving up, anxiety, ruining ideas, destroying capability are the bigger outcomes which are due to assigning limits.


The Three B’s:


The Three B’s are the B’s which will define why people assign limits.People assign limits due to these 3 B’s, these are the major reasons why people assign limits to you.

The First B states that “Bigger the Pressure, Worst You” people will assign limits because they wanted to achieve what you did but they never tried. However, this is the point where they should appreciate but instead what they will do is increase the pressure, assign the limits, the more pressure you have, the more unfocused you are which means lesser results.

The Second B “Bigger the Change, Bigger the limits” states that people will assign limits when they will see you coming to their level. For example, if somebody’s income is more than you and you work hard and earn income equal to them, they will definitely use the “assigning limits card”. Consequently, they will assign more limits which will cause damage to you.

The Third B “Best You, Best limits” which states that people assign limits to you because they are not gifted with what you have. You will see many examples around you. Instead of discovering their own gifts, they want to take others.


Now we should move to the last step.


Overcoming it:

Everything has an end, Newton’s third law also states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, which means if there are limits. There is also a way to overcome them, to break them. This way will lead you to happiness, and your destiny. So, you can overcome it by:

  • Don’t Listen – People will always pull you down, not all but however the majority of them will always pull you down.

  • No one Pushes – You have to do all of your things on your own, no one is going to push you until you let them to do so.

  • Work Hard – Work harder and break the limits of people. Make your mindset bigger than people. This will definitely help you to get somewhere in achieving your goals.

  • Practice – Practice your creativeness and make it a part of you just like there are physical parts. Then you won’t lose it easily.

  • Stay Calm – Stay calm in every situation because when you pressurize yourself, your ideas are ruined.